James Veloria x Opening Ceremony NYC Presents: Anglomania Marketing Campaign
Young Guv “Caught Lookin’” Music Video
Barragan SS 2020 Video
Lou Dallas SS 2020 Video
Young Guv “Patterns Prevail” Music Video
Young Guv Promotional Photos 2019
Collage and Photos, Andrea Smith for Cultured Mag
Santangelo Video Campaign
Ralph Promotional Photos Lo

Ralph “Tables Have Turned” Music Video
James Veloria x Opening Ceremony LA x Jean Paul Gaultier Digital Marketing Campaign
F. Miller Skincare Video Series for Digital Marketing
James Veloria x Opening Ceremony NY x Jean Paul Gaultier Print Marketing Campaign
James Veloria x Opening Ceremony NY x Prada Digital Marketing Campaign
Ralph Promotional Photos
Tony Price x Young Guv “Wrong Crowd - Farringdon Mix” Music Video + Art
Kathryn Bowen SS 19 Lookbook Video
Vice Presents “Vans: Unbound” Sorority - Assistant Director + VHS

James Veloria x Leah Levin x Maison Martin Margiela Digital & Print Marketing Campaign
First Hate "Before" Music Video
Tony Price I Prefer Coca Cola Album Art Direction & Photography
Tony Price "I Prefer Coca Cola" Music Video
Queen of Swords "Rise Instead" Music Video

Queen of Swords "I" Album/Marketing Art Direction
Tony Price Promotional Shorts for Digital Marketing
Zoee "Used" Music Video Co-Direction, Camera, Editing

Tess Parks Promotional Photos
The Rhythm Method "Local, Girl" Music Video
Young Guv "Ripe 4 Luv" Album Art
Young Guv "Ripe 4 Luv" Music Video
Young Guv "Aquarian" Music Video
Young Guv "Kelly, I'm Not a Creep" Music Video

Yungest "Rare Like A Vinyl" Music Video
Ice Cream "Plastic" Music Video
Actual Water "Waldo Jackson" Music Video
Young Guv "Crushing Sensation" Music Video
Lord Pusswhip "Bounequou Fitzroi "Pink Dolphin" Music Video

Young Guv Promotional Photos
U.S. Girls Promotional Photos
Iceage/Lower "Burning Hand/Arrows" Split (Escho) Album Art Contribution
Flare Magazine (Issue March 2014) Photo Contribution, Double Double Land Feature
Ice Cream Promotional Photos
Actual Water "Gorgeous George" Music Video
Actual Water Call 4 Fun (Unfamiliar) Album Cover

Actual Water Promotional Photos
Actual Water "She's a Priest" Album Cover
Yacht Club Promotional Photos
Yacht Club "Flash" Music Video
Yacht Club Feat. Pink & Purple "Hot n' Cold" Music Video
Pink & Purple Promotional Photos

The Mark Inside (Sony Music Canada) Promotional Photos
Huckleberry Friends "Vision" (Pleasance) Album Photos and Promotional Photos
Actual Water "Violence Sur Les Champs-Elysee" Music Video
Razorcake Magazine Cover and Editorial Photos on Young Guv
John Wolfe Lookbook
Eugenia & Ewusi Lookbook
Avery Danika Lookbook

Actual Water Promotional Photos
Actual Water "Paisley Orchard" Album Cover
Actual Water Film Projections for Live Show
Lookbook Photos for Devon Dagworthy Styling
Mookie and The Loyalists (Sony Music Canada) Promotional Photos
Lookbook Photos for Avery Danika Styling
Artists of 388 Carlaw Promotional Photos
Slim Twig Promotional Photos for LP/Book
The Marvelous Darlings "Live at Gales Snack Bar" Album Cover
Exclaim! Magazine Cover Photo of Bradford Cox
Photo Feature in "Book of Secrets" by Sarah Cwynar
Young Guv "Pizza Face" (Scotch Tapes) Album Cover

Dirty Beaches Promotional Photos
Born Ruffians (Sony Music Canada) Promotional Photos
The Bitters Promotional Photos
The Bitters "Wooden Glove" (Captured Tracks) Album Art Design
Pink Priest "East Camden" Tape Cover
Pink Priest "Cat Tails // At The Mouth Of Swollen Summer" Album Cover
Young Guv Promotional Photos
Young Guv "Summer Girl" (Sleep City) Album Cover
Slim Twig Promotional Photos
Slim Twig "Contempt!" (Paper Bag) Album Cover
Slim Twig "Spit it Twig!" Album Cover
Heaven S/T Album Art Design
The Marvelous Darlings "Shoot the Piano Player" Album cover
The Creeping Nobodies "Riddled Rot" Album Cover
"Sight Unseen" (Zonial Pictures) Still Photography
Actual Water "Pencil Legged" Music video

Slim Twig Promotional Photos
Slim Twig "Vernacular Violence" (Paper Bag) Album Cover
Huckleberry Friends Promotional Photos
Tropics Promotional Photos
Extermination Music Night Documentary Photos
Actual Water "Double Negatives" Art Direction